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Rabun County is at a turning point

Rabun citizens have moved from complacency to engagement. Spearheaded by the tireless efforts of a group of non-partisan Rabun citizens, more and more citizens are demanding out elected officials meet and discuss options to resolve SDS, SPLOST and the “water wars” – without paying consultants and lawyers.

Thanks to the Clayton Tribune for their September 13 editorial for bluntly stating the obvious, “We need leadership or new leaders”, Thanks to the Republicans, Democrats and Independents (rabungoodgov@gmail.com) for sponsoring last week’s advertisement encouraging citizens to hold elected officials accountable.

Our county is at a turning point. Do our elected officials and their hired managers have the will and the skill to change their “take it or leave it” negotiating style and implement solutions for the common good? As a long-term Rabun resident, I sure hope so!

— Jean Stuart, Tiger