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Please end hostility and lack of agreement

We are entering the fourth year that Rabun County has been deprived of millions of dollars in state funds due to the lack of a signed service delivery strategy (SDS). We continue to live with cracked sidewalks, rusted water lines, busted pipes, potholes, unkempt hiking trails and pollutants in streams and lakes. The hostility and lack of agreement on allocation of SPLOST funds continues. The city of Clayton has water losses of 57.1 percent and lacks capital funds to adequately repair its outdated infrastructure. Taxpayers are burdened with paying for attorneys and consultants hired by our government leaders to advocate for their “side”.

These are difficult issues, yet other communities have found a way to resolve them by talking to each other. In Rabun, it appears the “it’s us against them” bunker style of negotiating has prevailed.

We all need to come out of our bunkers and work together for the good of this community. We all lose if compromise and agreement is not achieved.

— Rebecca Peterson, Clayton