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Stop the power plays

Time is up for our elected officials and their hired managers.

Put aside past grievances, stop the power plays and resolve the critical issues facing our county.

The tipping point in encouraging the city of Clayton and t4eh county to come to the table on the “water wars” must be the recent rate study provided to the city of Clayton. The objective rate increase report stated Clayton is losing money being in the water business and that water losses and unaccounted water is 57.1 percent. To sell one gallon to the customer Clayton has to buy 2.33 gallons.

It is time for Clayton to get out of the water business. It is time for the county to make a fair offer to Clayton to purchase Clayton’s outdated infrastructure. If water consolidation is going to occur, it must be done in an atmosphere of trust and cooperation on both the Clayton and Rabun County sides that does not currently exist.

I would like to think that the current elected and appointed personnel could develop such an atmosphere — some are already working to do so — but it may become necessary for some new people to assume positions of responsibility to achieve the solutions so urgently needed.

I agree with last week’s editorial that stated “We need Leadership, or New Leaders.”

— Pam Burchell, Tiger