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Local government nearly dysfunctional

Thank you Clayton Tribune for printing the brilliant letter written by Judith Cox (Sept. 13, 2018) and for exposing the incompetence of the Rabun County Government, by publishing the articles of “SDS mediation” and “CDBG funds.”

Ms. Cox’s letter, including the “7 Signs you Government is Dysfunctional” was enlightening.

I attended the Aug. 16 public courthouse meeting on increasing property taxes 11.6 percent. I saw hoe dysfunctional our county government really is. They displayed all 7 signs of dysfunction and were an embarrassment  in the treatment of citizens who stood up to speak.

It was clear their minds were made up before the meeting to raise taxes, and the prevalent thought, especially from the chairman was to get the meeting adjourned as quickly as possible. The meeting lasted 30 minutes. After 10 minutes the chairman moved to adjourn. Hands went up and he allowed a few others to speak. At 30 minutes the chairman made another motion to adjourn, it was seconded. The meeting was over! Many other people were in line to speak but were not allowed. The people who did speak were cut off, interrupted and sassed by the commissioners. The county clerk and commissioners had no patience, compassion or understanding of the public’s comments.

The commissioners were, in my opinion, rude, reactive and defensive personalities trying to manage citizens, who were not unruly. These reactions were certainly coming from the lower self.

When government leaders begin to respond in more love-based, open, thoughtful, truthful, higher self ways, there will be more balance in our society. It doesn’t always have to be “Us Against Them”! However I would love to have more transparency and more open forums as opposed to a few select members of government making decisions without citizens input.

I am opposed to the ludicrous 11.6 percent tax hike. The commissioners stubbornness not to settle the SDS dispute is blocking eligibility of possible millions of dollars in grant monies from the state and kept Rabun County from benefitting from those funds.

Instead they raised taxes.

— Judy Patton, Clayton