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Stacey Abrams right for Georgia

I have long given up trusting politicians just because they have an “R” or a “D” by their name so I looked a little deeper into the record of Ms. Stacey Abrams. What I found were photos of smiling Republican Governor Nathen Deal next to Ms. Abrams signing a prison reform bill that she helped write and another of him signing a plan that saved the Hope Scholarship that she guided through the legislature.

When Republican State Representative Allen Peak was once asked about Stacey Abrams he called her “brilliant.” He says that people who underestimate her risk complete embarrassment.”

I confess I may have underestimated her when I first heard about her candidacy for Governor. However, when she came and spoke in Rabun County earlier this year many of us were blown away by her intelligence and common sense. To be sure she has received more than her fair share of criticism from Democrats who think that she is too conservative or who don’t like that she has a history of working with Republicans, but she knows what Georgians are most concerned about right now.

Stacey will focus on creating jobs that people can actually afford to take. She will stop the embargo on Georgians getting Medicaid expansion dollars and she will stop the closing of rural hospitals. And she will do something about education and economic disparity. Currently Georgia does not even make the top 40 in school safety nor does our state crack the top 35 in overall quality. As a result business leaders who look at both our workforce and our quality of life hesitate before moving their companies here.

Those who are ready for this to end will vote for Stacey Abrams.

— Don Martin, Clayton