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Rabun County needs some heroes

How is that our local leaders are feuding over SPLOST funding AGAIN and WHY have they been unable to come together for 3 years plus to agree on a service delivery strategy (SDS) to go after our State and Federal dollars?

I recently read an article on the “7 Signs Your  Government is Dysfunctional”. Below, I have slightly paraphrased the anchor, Paul Wolf,on his article that I feel (unfortunately) applies to the Rabun County governments.

  1. Ivory Tower Effect. When decisions are made in a vacuum and believing “I know best”.
  2. Warring Factions. When feuds are commonplace and accepted as just the way government works. Warring factions are dysfunctional, divisive and fosters rivalry instead of cooperation.
  3. Strategy du Jour. When there is overreaction to a single idea or data point.
  4. Analysis Paralysis. When elected officials, especially from warring factions, chronically debate issues to death, going down one rat hole or knock-down, drag-out fight after another without making decisions because there’s no clear leadership to drive consensus.
  5. Walk on Water Behavior. When leaders hoist certain groups up on pedestals while denigrating others.
  6. Silo Mentality. When government entities act like they’re independent from the rest, usually in a defensive “it’s us against them” sort of way when fighting for resources. Often the result of being denigrated by dysfunctional and divisive selected officials.
  7. Sacred Cow. A pet project that is immune to criticism and the government’s standard processes.

Rather than writing an accusatorial letter, I would prefer writing a thank-you to the heroes who step forward to provide clear leadership and drive consensus on our County’s big controversial issues. I know that heroes are out there. Heroes, please step forward.

— Judith Cox, Rabun Gap