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Don’t appreciate Trump’s remarks

Since Georgia is my birthplace, and I am Southern to the core, I looked for a context for President Trump constantly making disparaging remarks about my region of the country. As we know by his own words, Trump does not like Southern accents, or Southerners, or people who did not go to Ivy League schools. His staff reports that his beef with Jeff Sessions is not so much about the Russian probe as it is that he “can’t stand to see him speaking on TV and sounding like he has a mouth full of marbles.”

I do not take this personally. I do, however, despair that once again our President thinks in stereotypes rather in real world realities. Contrary to his public statements, Mexicans are not rapists and murderers, Muslims are not all terrorists, Blacks are neither pampered nor lazy, Jews are not better at handling his money than non-Jews, and Southerners are no dumber than any other group of people.

When I heard the latest comment to come to light with regard to Sessions, that “He is mentally retarded, that he is a dumb Southerner and that he couldn’t even be a one-person lawyer down in Alabama,” I just shook my head at how many thoughtless caricatures were contained in this one diatribe. I believe most Americans are tired of the politics of division and are ready to be a country that does not promote hatred for people based on race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, mental capacity or what part of the country you were born in.

— Dan Wilson