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McCain the hero Trump will never be

Turning to the contrasts in sacrifice and character when discussing Donald Trump and John McCain, let us begin with sacrifice concerning both families. Starting with the grandfather of Donald Trump and continuing on to his two adult sons, there is not one day of military service – none. With John McCain, the total opposite is true as his grandfather, father and two adult sons (one in the Marines and the other in the U.S. Navy) have proudly served.

Unbelievably, Donald Trump has proclaimed that not only was John McCain “not a hero” for being tortured while “residing” in the Hanoi Hilton, but he preferred those who were not captured. To emphasize both his inflated sense of hubris and disdain for actual military service, Trump stated to radio shock jock, Howard Stern, that not only was he a brave soldier by avoiding sexually transmitted diseases in the 90’s, but he should have received the Congressional Medal of Honor as his foregoing was “his personal Vietnam”.

John McCain’s personal hero was Teddy Roosevelt. I have never heard whom Trump considers his personal hero but, if asked, there is a high probability that his response would be Gordon Gecko, played in the 1987 film “Wall Street” by Michael Douglas, who proudly proclaimed that “Greed is Good!”

Rest in peace Senator McCain, as you have earned this county’s utmost admiration and respect!

Wade Williams, Clayton