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Trump poised to set dubious record

Donald Trump is now poised to become the new gold standard in Presidential lying — an ominous role formerly held by Richard Nixon. We must all remember regardless of our political affiliation, we are first Americans. The 4,229 lies of Donald Trump, documented by the Washington Post, are a direct threat to our lives and out democracy.

Trump said that he would rebuild our infrastructure; not one project has been planned. Trump claims to bring us better and cheaper health care have not materialized. Instead of taxing the rich he gave the rich an astronomical tax cut. He said he would balance the federal budget but instead has added record deficits. When running for President, Trump said he would never cut Social Security and Medicare. He now plans to do just that. Trump said Mexico would pay for building a new wall on the southern border, but the wall has not started as he tries to get U.S. taxpayers to pay for it. He said he would denuclearize North Korea. but intelligence reports say that they are arming at a rapid pace.

He said almost two years ago that no one on his campaign staff ever met with Russians, no one in his campaign knew any Russians and no one in his campaign had ever been to Russia. It turns out that at least 12  people on his campaign, not including two suspected Russian agents, had a total of 87 meetings with Russians.

We are being made weaker and less safe on an almost daily basis by the sheer number of lies and fabrications in this White House. The ruthless Russian communist leader Vladimir Lenin, said, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” A U.S. President who is the gold standard for lying is not good for America.

Faye Williams, Clayton