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Time for officials to sign SDS agreement

As Rabun County commissioners discussed the rationale to raise taxes, citizens asked the commissioners if they could take advantage  of state funds and grants. The commissioners responded that they were unable to receive state loans or grants while Rabun County’s service delivery strategy (SDS) is in dispute. The SDS negotiations blew up over 3 years ago because Rabun County Commissioners and the Clayton City Council failed to agree upon a service delivery strategy worth millions of dollars to the county.

Un Georgia 152 of 159 counties have service deliver strategies on file. SDS disputes are usually cleared up within three months! The root cause of the three-plus stalemate is two-fold. The City of Clayton and the County officials do not trust each other, and the citizens are not holding our leaders accountable.

Political accountability refers to the responsibility of government officials to act in the best interests of their constituents  or face consequences. Good government requires the ability to see the bug picture and to negotiate acceptable solutions for all sides because we are on on side — the side of the Rabun community. It is past time for our leaders to put aside personal grievances and the bitterness over the past. As citizens, it is time for all of use to unite and demand that our elected officials finally come to the negotiating table and sign the SDS.

— Barbara Denton, Clayton