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Abrams’ debt has no impact on governing

Re: Stacey Abrams’ debt. Ms. Abrams came from a low income family and was accepted by Yale Law School. To take advantage of the opportunity meant taking on debt. To not take advantage would have been foolish. When she came to Rabun County, she spoke eloquently about obtaining a job with a law firm and starting to pay down her debt. When her youngest brother became a father and was unable to care for his child, Ms. Abrams’ parents, both Methodist ministers and in poor health, took custody of their granddaughter.  Ms. Abrams has provided the greater part of their financial support. I was impressed by her clear straight-forward explanation of this history and the plan she is following to pay down her debt. I am convinced that she is that rare creature: a fiscally and socially responsible politician. I might point out that our current governor had almost ten times the debt of Ms. Abrams when he ran for office, part of which came from bailing out a daughter and son-in-law who had declared bankruptcy. It doesn’t seem to have interfered with his ability to govern.

Linda Huggins, Tiger