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Encouraged to see citizens cooperate

It has been refreshing to watch a citizens group of  localDemocrats, Republicans and Progressives in action the past few months. This recent non-partisan “Coalition for Good Government in Rabun” has had a constructive impact on our local governments by doing research on the Service Delivery Strategy (SDS), presenting their input in a professional and dutiful manner and engaging citizens.

 For years our local governments have been unable to agree on an SDS due to lack of trust, claims of broken agreements, personality differences, past actions that caused great distress and holding on to the past injustices. Fortunately, soon the local governments will soon be entering mediation to resolve the three- year plus stalemate on the SDS that is costing us money every day.  If this is not resolved in mediation, the next steps will be litigation.

Let’s all work together to request that our local leaders resolve the sewer and water issues and agree on a signed SDS in mediation. Our elected officials are capable of putting the past behind and resolving the SDS without more conflict and without more law suits.  Let move forward together.

John J. Perry, Clayton