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Compassion for families necessary

As a new grandparent and the proud father of a wonderful daughter, I am heartbroken about the news that perhaps 500 children torn from their parents as they sought asylum may never see their families again.

I can’t imagine never seeing my precious doughter again.

In many cases, these innocent children have been taken at our official border check points from desperate parents seeking asylum from great danger. In other words they were following the rules for requesting asylum.

There are federal laws that require both due process and the proper care of people who come to us seeking safety.

Experts have said that a young child likely will be forever damaged by separation from their family – permanent damage to a defenseless mind…in your name and mine.

What are we as a nation that we can allow such cruelty – and permanent injury – in our name? The government that thought up, approved and conducted these shameful acts does not represent my values.

The court-ordered deadline for reuniting families has passed. The government has failed.

Georgia’s national Congressional delegation should be passing legislation requiring that this Administration make every child and every parent whole. But they were fine with this merciless program until the conscience of our nation demanded action in defense of children.

I would ask readers, separately and in their official groups (where it carries the most weight with politicians) to demand compassionate care for the children and their families.

We did not get to this ugly place by accident.

And, if you believe that the brutal treatment of children does not reflect your values, then let your voices be heard on November 6. Remember the definition of insanity: “Do the same thing – expect different results.” Send a message with your vote, your most powerful tool to reflect your values.

– Dave Cooper, Clayton