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Dawn Randolph – Public Service Commissioner

The Georgia Public Service Commission is a public utilities commission, a quasi-judicial tribunal, which regulates telecommunications, transportation, electric and natural gas services in the U.S. state of Georgia. Commissioners are elected in partisan elections statewide, though they must reside in a district.

The PSC is charged with protecting the public interest and promoting a healthy business-investment economy. Historically, the Georgia PSC has been responsible for setting the rates charged by telecommunications, gas, and electric companies and for establishing and enforcing the standards for quality of service.

Over the past 30 years, Dawn Randolph has been assisting statewide non-profits and associations advocate for consumer protection, access to health care and open government. A small business owner, Randolph consults non-profits and associations to maximize resources and advocates for their critical areas. Her success includes working with legislators, passing bills and securing funding for services for people with disabilities, mental health and substance use disorder programs.

You can learn more about Dawn by clicking here.