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Citizens input critical for local government

Currently, many citizens are troubled and anxious over the potential increase in Rabun County taxes. Also, since March of this year, we have read in this paper about the inability of our leaders to agree on a compromise for the Service Delivery Strategy. The three-year SDS stalemate between Rabun County and its municipalities continues. Next step is mediation. This will require our elected leaders to make compromises. It will also require the continued monitoring of the citizens to hold our officials accountable to resolve this mess.

The ultimate check and balance against an ineffective government is citizens that are actively involved in their government. Many Rabun citizens are frustrated and feel powerless. The only way to gain our rightful power as citizens is to engage in the happenings of our local governments. Rabun County commissioners hosted several public meetings on the 2019 budget. Citizen input and attendance at these meetings was minimal. We citizens have the responsibility to be involved and actively interact with our elected leaders. In addition to holding politicians accountable, we must hold ourselves accountable. Let’s join together to make Rabun County an even better place in which to live.

Kris Martin, Clayton