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Deidre Howell – Rabun County Commissioner

Every Georgia county conducts local courts of law, voter registration, and elections; sells motor vehicle tags; files official records of property ownership; builds and repairs county roads; probates wills; and administers welfare and public assistance programs. The 1983 Constitution added supplementary powers to this list of county duties. Counties are allowed to provide:

  • police and fire protection
  • garbage and solid waste collection and disposal
  • public health facilities and services, including hospitals, ambulances, emergency rescue, and animal control
  • street and road construction, including curbs, sidewalks, and street lights
  • parks, recreational areas, facilities, and programs
  • storm-water and sewage collection and disposal systems
  • water utilities
  • public housing
  • public transportation
  • libraries, archives, and arts/sciences programs and facilities
  • terminal and dock facilities and parking facilities
  • codes, including building, housing, plumbing, and electrical codes
  • air quality control
  • planning and zoning

Deidre Howell is running for county commissioner. She lives in Dillard and is a business owner (Tallulah Gorgeous) with locations in both Dillard and Clayton. She is married, a mother of 5 and the grandmother of Emma Kate.

Deidre is a registered nurse and worked as a Public Health Nurse for more than 25 years. She has experience in intergovernmental relations and management, having served as a Statewide Program Manager as well as a County Nurse Manager. She has an MPA from Georgia Southern and has done contract work with both federal and state agencies.

“I am running for Rabun County Commissioner to be an agent for change in the way business is operated at our local county government. We are so blessed to live in Rabun. The beauty of our county is heavenly. The people are amazing. It is a great place to live. However, we need experienced leadership at the county level to maintain this place we call home. We need tempered progress and sincere observance of our natural surroundings. We need an experienced, capable County Commissioner who is available to participate in the resolution of issues that face our county government.”

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