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Dreams of the Future are Better.

“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past”. Thomas Jefferson said that and those of us who have been working with the Coalition for Good Government in Rabun County could use this as our Service Delivery Strategy (SDS) slogan.

Since 2015 due to the lack of a signed Service Delivery Strategy all of our local governments are ineligible to receive any state permits or access to state grant monies.   Our SDS has been expired since 2015 because Rabun County and the City of Clayton elected officials could not reach a compromise on which entity has the right to service water and sewer customers in the county.

Good government is about building trusting relationships and solving problems together. Going forward our elected leaders must build working relationships – they do not have to “like” each other, but as professionals we hope that they will work together for the common good.

There has been so much mis-information and so many un-truths circulated that moving forward is difficult  – but it is possible. We thank the Clayton Tribune for continuing to provide the community with the facts on the “water wars” and the SDS issue.

We believe that by working together there can be a fair and equitable resolution. We hope all parties will sit down together, resolve the SDS and  water issues and create a great future for Rabun.

–  Dee Daley, Clayton