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Trump Is Right

Donald Trump has made numerous mistakes since he became our president on January 20. His attack on the Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives is not one of them, especially when combined with his tentative outreach to Democrats in Congress. The ideology/psychology of Freedom Caucus extremists is simply incompatible with the building of POSITIVE coalitions, which are essential to a functioning democracy.

The lack of unity within political parties is nothing new, but historically this has led to both parties reaching across the aisle to forge compromises that prevent the government from shutting down. If our government is going to avoid another crisis this month, Trump must provide leadership in persuading Republicans and Democrats in both Houses of Congress to cobble together a majority in favor of a temporary budget.

Democrats now have some power, and that’s all to the good; but while being tough dealmakers they must avoid the temptation to let payback for Republican treatment of their last president prevail over the responsible course of making government work. Such an approach will only aid Putin’s Russia and Xi’s China in replacing us as the most powerful nation on earth.

President Trump must strive to be an HONEST broker in leading our country to effective governance, and to do so he must understand that leading us is a lot more complicated than presiding over a family business.