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Is Trump Getting Rope-a-Doped?

Remember the classic 1974 boxing match labelled “The Rumble in the Jungle,” when Muhammed Ali lured the younger and stronger George Foreman into punching himself out with wild swings that either missed his opponent or landed harmlessly on his arms?

I can’t help but wonder if President Trump is falling into the same trap with his relentless Twitter attacks on the press and Democrats over the alleged contacts of his campaign to Russian officials.

Two possible outcomes are that, at worst, he will simply add fuel to calls for an investigation of the “Russian connection” that will eventually result in turning the current smoke into a raging fire or, at best, he will divert his, Congress’, and the American people’s attention from needed reforms of the Affordable Care Act and other matters.

Perhaps Trump is being “crazy like a fox” and that there’s a brilliant strategy behind his tweeting; my fear is that he’s just crazy. If that’s the case, all Americans will suffer.