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Perpetuating the American Dream

America’s history has produced many dreams – freedom to worship as one pleases, rags to riches, owning a home, etc. One of the most prominent is the dream of parents that their children will be better off than them. Many of us have lived that dream and hope to pass it down to the next generation. But that hope is threatened by declining economic mobility and increasing threats to our environment. he environment is especially pertinent to Rabun County because of the centrality of tourism to our economy. People come to our area from Florida, Alabama, and other parts of Georgia to enjoy our waters, our forests, our mountains, and our wildlife. To disrespect these natural resources is to undermine our economy and compromise our own and our children’s futures. EARTH DAY is Saturday, April 22 and we need to show our commitment to our neighbors, our children, and our grandchildren by (1) helping to keep Rabun County beautiful and (2) playing our part in keeping our planet inhabitable.

Written by Erin Clark